His pension application reads “Enlisted for a term of three years, on the 18th day of September in 1779, in the state of Massachusetts.”

Despite this confident statement, his pension documents reflect confusion as to whether Private Stevenson enlisted in 1778 or 1779. If his war history is to be believed, it would seem he enlisted in 1778, as the initial battles he participated in took place in that year.

The pension application states that Stevenson saw some action for the Continental Army at Bristol Ferry, in Rhode Island, under Major Gad Warriner and General John Sullivan. After this initial service, Stevenson returned home. He re-enlisted and entered the artificer company of Captain Faxon as a blacksmith. Stevenson mentions also that Colonel David Mason “commanded the regiment to which I belonged.” Abiathar Stevenson was released a little early from this service, due to, as he states, “a lameness contracted in bearing cannon.”