Postcard (circa 1905) depicting the original placement of the D.A.R. "Monument of the Soldiers of the War of the Revolution" in Fishkill, NY.
Liste officers canadien 1787 - Capt. Antoine Paulint
DAR Memorial Fishkill
West Point 1780
Antoine Paulint grave stone. Photo by John Peltier.
This painting by Hudson Valley artist John Gould, “The Last Cantonment 1783,” is “a good depiction of what the Fishkill Supply Depot would have looked like during the Revolutionary War,” according to Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot.
Shutes Cemetery where Antoine Poland is buried: Champlain, NY. Photo by John Peltier.
Strength Hazen's Regment about 1776 - listed at Anthy Paulint.
2nd Canadian Regiment Watercolor

Paulin began his Revolutionary War service at the age of 42, joining as Captain of Independent Company of Canadian Volunteers under the command of Colonel Moses Hazen, who had been his adversary during the French and Indian War.

As a Catholic Frenchman, Paulin faced skepticism amongst compatriots in the Continental Army but served with distinction in this regiment, nicknamed “Congress’ Own” and “Hazen’s Infernals.” He led a scouting party into Canada to gather intelligence prior to General Washington’s abandoned invasion of Canada; he fought alongside Washington at Staten Island, Germantown and Brandywine; was on duty during Benedict Arnold’s execution; and he was part of the regiment Lafayette chose to lead the charge at Yorktown. Both Paulin and Lafayette came from the same region in France, so they shared a particularly close bond.

In 1782 he received land in recognition of his service and built a log cabin near Champlain, New York for his wife, two sons, and four daughters. Paulin became an American citizen, and he joined Washington as a member of the Society of Cincinnati. He died on September 7, 1813, just as war between the British and Americans erupted again. With no Catholic cemetery available, he was buried in a private plot on a local farmer’s land. According to family lore, upon seeing military ships on Lake Champlain Paulin cried, “If I were still young, I would be in this war too!”