With patriotic zeal these revolutionaries rallied in support of the cause throughout the eight-year war. Summoned by the feverish quest for personal independence, each of these men and women was integral in securing America’s independence and sovereignty. They were minutemen who provided rapid response to war threats. They were militia who heeded the call to arms alongside their neighbors; sharpshooters who were familiar with frontier hunting and excelled at irregular warfare. They were brave sailors and bold mariners.

All donating service and supplies—merchants, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, tinsmiths, silversmiths, coopers and farmers—were patriots. They were determined women who supported non-consumption of British goods. They were seamstresses and weavers; widows who paid supply taxes; and female warriors who were so moved by the quest for freedom that they took up arms.

We honor the ministers who served as military chaplains and scribes and; pastors who spread the word that the revolutionary fight was a righteous cause.

They were soldiers, officers, physicians and medics, selectmen, judges, assemblymen, signers of the Oath of Allegiance, signers of the Declaration of Independence, committee members, and surveyors. We are grateful for the drummers, fifers, and the spies.

We honor the individuals whose ideals, thoughts, and actions would support the core beliefs upheld in the Declaration of Independence; all those who rejected the ideas of inherited power and favored liberty instead.

These are America’s first veterans and the daughters, sons, and wives who supported them. The world’s first veterans of an army of free men fighting for personal liberty, these are our Revolutionaries, our Patriots, our flesh and blood. The California State Society NSDAR honors these heroes. They are the foundation upon which we have built our service to God, Home , and Country.