Charles Harry Headstone. Photo credit to Kindra Rusz.
A colonial map circa 1750 that shows the Youghiogheny in the upper left corner.
Where Charles Harry did his recon; between the Allegeheniy and Youghiogheny rivers.
Image of Philura Jane Culver born 1855 in Tipton, Iowa. She was Charles great granddaughter and provided the details of his last day. Orace M Culver was her father.

Charles was a native Virginian, born August 11, 1760, in Frederick County. He died in April, 1843 in Tipton, Iowa, where he had traveled from Indiana to visit his son Elisha.

He had only been in Iowa for nine or ten days when he died suddenly one spring morning. Charles had returned inside after a walk, and his last words were, “What a pretty country.”. His son-in-law Orace M. Culver, who also lived in Tipton, was a militiaman and ensured Charles was buried with full military honors.

Charles was married to Barbara Bowman in July 1786 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Barbara was born in Maryland in 1766. She died circa 1850 in Cedar County, Iowa. Their son, John, was born January 11, 1790, in Kentucky.

Charles’ gravesite was lost, but the Open Prairie Chapter of the DAR placed this memorial for him in Tipton, Iowa.