Photo by: Janet Welty

Horlacher married Margaretha Brunner in 1758 and they became the parents of 14 children. Eleven of those children were later named in his will.

His children, as they can be determined, were Maria Magdalena, born 1759; Michael born 1761; John born 1764; George born 1766; Veronica, Daniel and Heinrich, twins born 1771 (died young); Daniel born 1774; Johann Philip born in 1780 Jacob and Peter born 1781; Abraham born 1782; and Hainrig born 1784.

Horlacher, private, enlisted in the 5th company 1st battalion Northampton County Militia on June 18, 1777. He took the Oath of Allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania April 1, 1778. In addition, he received depreciation pay for provisions in 1778.

Horlacher is buried in St. Paul’s Lutheran and Reformed (Blue) Church in Upper Saucon township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. There are two markers bearing inscriptions in German. One reads: “Daniel Harlacher married Margaretha Brunner having fourteen children born 4 August 1735, died 24 September 1804.” There is a grave marker indicating he served in the Revolutionary War. His wife’s reads “Margaretha Harlacher nee Brunner married to Daniel Harlacher having fourteen children, born 4 January 1741, died 2 April 1806.”