His first name Dennis, also the name of his father, Denyce, was to honor the maiden name of his Grandmother, Helena de Nyse.

The various spellings of this maiden name and the family surname over the years led to much confusion as to whom and how many actually served in the Revolutionary War. Their descendents are proud of the ones who fought for our country’s freedom.

Most of his life is unrecorded except for his marriage to Dinah Duryee on March 10, 1782. They had eight children and lived their life in Middlebush, New Jersey.

During the Revolutionary War he served as a Private under Captain James Moore’s militia, commanded by Col. Silvanus Seeley, Esq. Records show he served at least one enrollment in 1778.

Dennis was fifty years old when he died on September 19, 1811. His and his wife are buried at South Middlebush Cemetery.