She married John Beard who patented 520 acres of land in what became Bedford County, Virginia, in 1725.

He and Elizabeth later patented an additional 1,900 acres. Elizabeth and John were the parents of six children: Adam, Alice, Elizabeth, Rachel, Hannah, and Ann. Court records show that Elizabeth Beard furnished the North Carolina Light Dragoons with nine diets, furnished General Green’s Army with 12 bushels of corn, 200 bundles of fodder, two dozen bundles of oats and 26.5 pounds of pork. John and Elizabeth Beard and their family were active members of the Peaks of Otter Presbyterian Church, organized in 1766 —one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in Virginia.

Their son Adam Beard was active in the Bedford County militia after serving as a constable in 1754. In 1763 he was promoted to Captain in this militia. Adam and his wife Elizabeth both died in early 1778. Their sons David and Samuel were commissioned captains of their Bedford County militia units on September 23, 1780.

After the Revolution several members of the Beard family were part of a large migration that moved from western Virginia into Tennessee. Many settled in Sumner and Wilson Counties where they were active in local civics, church and governmental affairs. Captain David Beard and his wife Isabel Carson are buried in Drane Cemetery in Sumner County, Tennessee, with many of their family and relatives.

Elizabeth Beard died sometime after 1785 in Campbell County, Virginia. She is believed to have been living with a daughter. Her burial place is unknown.