Captain Enoch Woodruff headstone, credit to Find a Grave.

Captain Woodruff died on 5 March 1786 in Milford, Connecticut. His tombstone reads:

to the memory of
Capt Enoch Woodruff
who departed this Life
March 5 1786 ae 44.

A Gentleman of ability in the of he sustained
A Capt. of the troop of horse of New Haven
Distinguished for his many amiable qualifications
In his public devotions he was attentive & devout
He was cheerful, kind, affable and abliging

In his charity liberal
Feeling the misfortunes of others
Making a proper distinction between the true
objects of compassion and undeserving
In his business & employment in Life

He was diligent
Honest in his dealings
Punctual in the performance of his engagements
And faithful in his promises.
Who feels a wound the dying friend imparts
When the last pang divides two fond hearts.”

Captain Woodruff is the Revolutionary War ancestor and great-grandfather of Harriett Mulford Stone Lothrop, founder of The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution. The tree is planted in honor of Mrs. Lothrop during the C.A.R.’s 125th anniversary year.