Muster and Pay Roll showing Ezekiel Gomer's service.
Donor Michelle Wherry and her daughters.
The following images were provided by Alyssa Ritch-Frel.

Tree of Remembrance For The Souls of African Heritage  

This Tree remembers the men, women and children of African heritage who were part of the American Revolution.

This Tree remembers that these Souls were soldiers, sailors, laborers and spies; it remembers that these Souls pulled bodies from the battlefields, tended the wounded, buried the dead and brought in supplies.

This Tree remembers these unknown and countless men, women and children who faced hardships and sacrifices.

This Tree remembers these men, women and children who took up the cause for the colonies’ freedom while their descendant’s freedom and liberty would not occur for another 90 years.

This Tree remembers Ezekiel Gomer, Crispus Attucks, the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, 2nd Company 4th Connecticut, Phillis Wheatley, James Armistead Lafayette, Salem Poor and other named and unnamed free and enslaved men, women and children of color.

This Tree remembers and honors the service and sacrifice of the men, women, and children of African Heritage in the American Revolution.

This tree is donated by Michelle Cousins Wherry, Jessica Wherry Van Atta, and Aana Wherry Leech. They are members of New York Daughters of the American Revolution Increase Carpenter Chapter, Queens, New York and descendants of Ezekiel Gomer, MA PVT A208381