Henry Lusk tombstone

In about 1783, Henry married Eleanor McKeddy, who was born on February 25, 1761.

The couple became the parents of 12 children: Elizabeth G.; Eleanor; Mary S.; Jane; James; Nathan; John Smith; William; Henry; Anny; Jinny; and Robert M. Upon the death of his father in 1786, Lusk inherited 150 acres of land at the head of Armstrong’s Creek in Ninety-Six District. On August 23, 1787, he purchased 200 acres on the Little Generostee Creek in Abbeville County, Ninety-Six District, from Andrew Pickens.

In the transaction, Lusk was referred to as a “planter.” In 1797 he and Eleanor sold 28.5 acres of this land to William Stephenson. On November 14, 1805, Lusk purchased 502 acres in Pendleton District, South Carolina, from George Sinclair. In 1810 he sold 135 acres of this land to James Bynum with Eleanor’s consent. Lusk died on March 30, 1813, in Pendleton District. He was buried in the Lusk Family Cemetery, which is located near Salem, Oconee County, South Carolina. In 1998, the Battle of Alamance Chapter, NSDAR marked his grave. As a widow, Eleanor married a second time to John Lidai. She died on February 6, 1845, in Pickens County, South Carolina.

The Lusk Family Cemetery is located in Oconee County, the same county as the Tamassee DAR School. The wife of one of Lusk’s great-grandsons, Leila Fearn Lusk, was one of the founders of the Kate Duncan Smith School in Grant, Marshall County, Alabama.