Jacob Stiffler will
Jacob Stiffler will

Family records indicate they had 11 children:

Ann c.1760; Eifa in 1762 (who married Henry Belse); Jacob in 1765; John Peter on February 26, 1773; Adam in 1775; Catharine in 1776 (who married Fortenant Ticherhof); Elizabeth in 1777 (who married Jonathan Feesol); Michael on January 28, 1780; John in 1781; Henry on October 23, 1782; Conrad in 1792. DAR member Jane Lee Hamman is descended through Conrad and Rachel Fetters Stiffler.

Stiffler was a private in Captain William Heffer’s Third Company, Fifth Battalion, Militia of York County.

When Stiffler and his wife Catarina moved to McKee’s Gap in 1783, they bought 400 acres of land, the Martha Furnace property. Stiffler built another grist mill in what was then Cumberland County and people came to it from Johnstown and the surrounding region on horseback.

Jacob Stiffler’s will was dated July 9, 1807, and proved on November 9, 1807. It is believed he died and was buried on their family farm in Greenfield Township in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and that his wife Catarina also died on the same farm around 1819.