Phebe Oliver Pfuntner
Captain John Oliver’s Gravestone in Athol, Massachusetts. James Bianco via Find a Grave.

Captain John Oliver was in the list of officers chosen at Petersham, Massachusetts, in the Revolutionary War on March 24, 1776.

He was captain of the 6th Company of Nathan Sparhawks Regiment (7th Worcester) of the Massachusetts Militia. He served three months in Gerseys also as Captain of those returned to Major General Warrens service, September to October 1778, to reinforce Northern Army at the time of reduction of General Burgoyne. At least two of Captain John Oliver’s children also served in the Revolutionary war, including Captain Aaron Oliver and Private Moses Oliver. Captain John Oliver was over 50 years old at the time of his Revolutionary War service and his children that served were under the age of 30.

Captain John Oliver died in 1811 when he was over 85 years old and his wife Mary survived him by one year (1812). They are both buried in the Old Pleasant Street Cemetery in Athol, Worchester County, Massachusetts. This tree is named after Phebe Oliver Pfuntner who was a sixth generation descendant of Captain John Oliver and also a descendant of Private Moses Oliver. She was an avid teacher, reader, writer and researcher. Phebe and her Great Aunt Phebe Oliver Briggs (for whom she was named and who organized a DAR chapter in Western New York) became very involved in the DAR to celebrate their ancestors. The Phebe Oliver Pfuntner family (Robert Pfuntner, Diane Pfuntner Barker, Donna Pfuntner McCoy and their families) dedicate this tree to remember Captain John Oliver’s service and Phebe’s commitment to the DAR.