Thomas Waller was the father of John Waller and said to be a similar image.
The Waller Cemetery, where first generation John Waller remains, is located on the grounds of Newport Plantation in Partlow, Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Photo by Mary Ella Waller

Dr. John Waller was born in Newport-Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. He lived from 1645–1716, and married Mary Key Pomfrett. Their son, Colonel John Waller, lived from 1673–1754 and was the grandfather of the patriot, John Waller.

At the age of 19, Colonel Waller sailed to Virginia and purchased 1,039 acres of land from Elias Downs, located in Pamunkey Neck, on the Mattaponi River in what was to become King William County, Virginia. In 1701, he established Endfield, his plantation home, on this land. He became a Major of Militia in 1704 and was elected to the House of Burgesses for the term 1710–1714. Colonel Waller’s son, Thomas Waller, who lived from 1714-1760 at the Endfield Plantation, was father to Revolutionary War Patriot, John Waller, aka KW.

Upon the end of the war, KW took his wife and eight children to Kentucky where he secured land on Cartwright Creek and milled corn and wheat for his community. Currently the Rose Priory Church sits on the land KW donated.

Trade that utilized the mighty rivers to transport goods to other towns began opening up after the Revolutionary War. KW then moved to Morganfield, Union County, in western Kentucky, which he helped establish.. This location allowed KW and his family to be near the Ohio River to move milled products via water to their final destinations. Even today, descendants of Waller are millers and fabricators of flour products.