Miss Langston shielding her father / T.H. Matteson. Engraved by Alfred Jones.
Laodicea Langston Springfield Monument in Travelers Rest SC. Photo taken by DAR Member Nancy Folk.

After the war she married Thomas Springfield, and according to her obituary, they had 22 children.

They included Aaron, James L., Moses, Henry, Elizabeth, Ephraim, Sarah, Hugh, Martha Patsy, Laodicea, Nancy, Thomas B., Bennett, Solomon Langston and Willis. When she died on May 23, 1837, in Greenville, South Carolina, her obituary reported that she “took an active part in the [Revolutionary War] struggle and performed many daring deeds on behalf of her suffering country and friends.”

An engraving showing “Miss Langston Shielding Her Father,” created by T.H. Matteson in the 1800s, is housed in Library of Congress. NSDAR issued a medal honoring her in its Great Women of the American Revolution series, and the Nathaniel Greene Chapter NSDAR dedicated a monument to her in Travelers Rest, South Carolina in 1933.

Several DAR chapters are named for her, including Daring Dicey Chapter in Alabama, whose members and associate members include her descendants. The Alabama Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution sponsored the tree which honors Dicey.