Miles Powell was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Revolution.

He marched with his company from Lanesborough to Cambridge on April 22, 1775 in response to the alarm of the battles on April 19, 1775. He was in Colonel John Patterson’s regiment of Minutemen and continued in service until May 22, 1775, when he was dismissed. Since he had received only a portion of his money due for 31 days in service and 300 miles of travel to Cambridge, he asked that the balance be resolved by February 3, 1778. Lieutenant Colonel Miles Powell also served in the Berkshire Company Regiment in July 18, 1779 until September 1, 1779, when he was discharged. He served one month and 21 days and traveled 114 miles while stationed in New Haven.

Miles married Jemima Atkinson in 1754 in Lanesborough, Massachusetts. They had 10 children; the first born was Miles Powell who served in the War of 1812. Lieutenant Colonel Miles Powell died on September 14, 1791, and is buried in the Center Cemetery in Lanesborough, Massachusetts, as are many of his family members.