Moses Bloomfield married Sarah Ogden (March 17, 1733–October 25, 1773; he later married Phebe Holmes Ward.

Moses and Sarah Ogden Bloomfield had the following children:

• Joseph Bloomfield born October 18, 1750; died on October -3,1823. Joseph married Mary McIlvaine, and they had no children. (Joseph Bloomfield served as a Brigadier General in the Continental Army, 4th Governor of New Jersey, Member of Congress and Attorney General of New Jersey)
• Samuel, who passed away at 10 days old in 1755
• Samuel Bloomfield, born February14, 1756, married Abigail Ellis (Dr. Samuel Bloomfield served as a surgeon during the Revolutionary War)
• Isaac, born on May 20, 1759, passed away at 4 years old
• Nancy Ann Bloomfield, born June 16, 1766. She was first married Dr. Wall; she later married James Paton (Lt. James Paton joined the “Light Dragoons,” 2nd Regiment, Continental Army)
• Hannah, born January 13, 1763; Death: December 20, 1822; Hannah married General James Giles

Dr. Bloomfield was a fervent patriot as seen through his dedicated service in many capacities. He was appointed as a Justice of the Peace; served as an elder and trustee to the Woodbridge Presbyterian Church; was appointed clerk for the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Middlesex County; served as a U.S. Representative to the Provincial Congress and General Assembly; appointed a Magistrate and a Deputy to the Convention of New Jersey in 1776.

Moses Bloomfield resided at a home built in the 1700s, which is currently located at 117 Harrell Avenue in Woodbridge. His tombstone is located in Woodbridge Presbyterian Churchyard. Moses Bloomfield’s obituary read “He maintained an eminent character, a physician, a gentleman and a Christian.”