Cline enlisted with Captain Henry Miller and serviced with the 12th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line under the following named officers: Captain Henry Miller, Lieutenant Henderson, Major Patterson, Lt. Col. Potter, Col. Cook and Ensign Taylor.   

Cline left the service in the year 1778 after seeing action at the battles of Long Island, White Plains, Trenton and Germantown. He marched from the wide marsh in Pennsylvania to Germantown, Pennsylvania, then back to Chestnut Hill, then to the mouth of the Schuylkill River, then up the same to the Valley Forge. Cline left the service sometime in 1778 at the time residing in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Cline married Elizabeth, maiden name unknown, after leaving the service. He left Pennsylvania moving his family along the Shenandoah Trail in search of available land. Cline first settled in Montgomery County, Virginia, in 1785 and remained there until 1813. After Cline left Montgomery County, he searched for available land in Pike County, Kentucky, and Logan County, Virginia. He made his living by farming in the spring and summer and by hunting in the fall and winter.

Cline’s family consisted of Sarah, who married Abraham Honaker in Montgomery County, Virginia, and remained in Montgomery County, Virginia; Margaret, who married David Mounts whom Cline followed to Pike County, Kentucky; Jacob Cline, who settled in Pike County, Kentucky; Michael Cline, who made his home in McDowell County, Virginia; William Cline, who made his home in Logan County, Virginia; Hannah, who married Thomas Lester and died at an early age, and Peter Cline Jr., who made his home in Logan County, Virginia.