1777 plan for the city of Philadelphia. From Marilynn Palmer.
Gloria Dei (Old Swedes) Church in Philadelphia. From Marilynn Palmer.
Map explaining the migration pattern from Pennsylvania to South Carolina.
Map showing the Rambo properties along the Schuylkill River and elsewhere in Philadelphia.
Map showing the “Rambo Mills” in South Carolina in the Orangeburg and Lexington Districts.
A transcription of a deed and survey of a tract of land in the Orangeburg District, Barnwell County, from William Minor and George Latham to Swan Rambo and confirmation of survey for Jacob Rambo, Swan’s son.
Bronze plaque at the entrance of City Hall in Philadelphia which honors “The Old Swedes”. Peter Rambo, among the first settlers of Pennsylvania / Delaware, is Swan’s great grandfather. Source: Swedish Colonial Society.
Swan properties. From Marilynn Palmer.

The Rambo family in America began in 1642 when Peter Gunnarson Rambo came to the Philadelphia area from Hisingen/Gothenberg, Sweden.

Peter Gunnarson Rambo was Swan’s great-grandfather. The Rambo family was one of the first families of Philadelphia and became involved with the community and eventually the running of the local government of New Sweden. There were four properties in Philadelphia owned by Swan’s great-grandfather, two along the Schuylkill River. As a magistrate, judge and interpreter to the Lenape Indians for William Penn, Peter Gunnarson Rambo became good friends with William Penn who often stayed at the Rambo home and discussed the business and problems of the day.

Swan and his wife, Elizabeth, had eventually settled in South Carolina in the Edgefield County/Barnwell area when South Carolina became involved in the American Revolution. He provided civil service as a juror and took the Oath of Allegiance during the war. Swan had three sons: Joseph, Jacob and Jesse. Jacob, who lived and owned property in the Barnwell area near his father, served in the militia.

The love of America was passed down from Peter Gunnarson Rambo to Swan Rambo, and the generations that followed.

Investigation of this direct line has shown that many generations of the Rambo family have answered the call to service in the defense and building of the United States.